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Cosmic Chile

Since 1999 the pyro-gourmaniacs at Cosmic Chile have been traveling the universe to bring you the best in fiery foods. So splash on our hot sauces, dip into our salsas and pop a few peppery peanuts. If it's pure pepper power you're after...we've got what you're looking for! You'll also like our fast and friendly service. We aim to please and will work our fingers to the bone to keep you smiling. So quick, pick up the phone and give us a call, `cuz this place is on fire... and we're having a ball!

Sparky's Choice Sparky's Choice
Overall Rating: rated  of 5 stars
Six of our favorite tongue torchers all packed up and ready to roll. Brother Bru Bru's, Dave's Hurtin' Jalapeno...
Price: $36.95
Pick of the Crop Pick of the Crop
Overall Rating: rated  of 5 stars
Fruity salsas with a "fresh-squeezed" flavor. D. L. Jardine's Peach Salsa, D.L. Jardine's Mango Salsa and Cactus Salsa.
Price: $24.50
Cosmic Gift Certificate Cosmic Gift Certificate
Make a burning impression with our Cosmic Chile Gift Certificate. We'll make one out for any amount, and...
Price: $10.00
This One's for You This One's for You
Select three of your favorite salsas (please include item #'s) and create your own crate.
Price: $25.95
Rude & Crude Rude & Crude
Six totally tasteless (but very tasty) sauces that are all packed up and ready to roll.
Price: $43.95
Pyro-Pack Pyro-Pack
A collection of the hottest of the hot. Dave's Insanity, Mad Dog Inferno, Crazy Jerry's Mustard Gas...
Price: $45.95
National Treasures National Treasures
Three of our favorite BBQ sauces. Gates BBQ Sauce, Mission Hill Spicy Huckleberry and Melinda's Spicy Mesquite...
Price: $24.50
Cosmic Chile Ladies Tee Cosmic Chile Ladies Tee
Casual fashion has never been so hot! Crafted from super-soft 100% cotton, our Cosmic...
Price: $22.50
You're the Boss You're the Boss
Choose three of our savory BBQ sauces (please include item #'s) and make your own crate.
Price: $25.95
Cosmic Chile Habanero Pepper Sauce Cosmic Chile Habanero Pepper Sauce
To boldly go where no tastebud has gone before! Bursting with flavor and lip searing heat, this award...
X Hot
Price: $5.50
The Pepper Pallet The Pepper Pallet
Each sauce is made from a different pepper. Melinda's XXXX-tra Reserve (Habanero), Dat'l Do-It Devil Drops (Datil)...
Price: $36.95
And The Winner Is? And The Winner Is?
Some of our award winning hot sauces. Alan's Maniac Jalapeno, Cat Scratch Fever, Cosmic Chile Peppersauce, Trinidad...
Price: $39.95
Cosmic Chile Tee Cosmic Chile Tee
Our 100% certified organic cotton tee (made by Patagonia), sports our sassy Cosmic Chile logo on the...
Price: $18.95
Cosmic Chile Barbeque Apron Cosmic Chile Barbeque Apron
You'll be looking so good with our Cosmic Apron on...your guests won't even notice that you burned the burgers!
Price: $18.95
Sale Crate Sale Crate
Looking for a great deal? Occasionally we receive great deals on large quantities of hot sauces that...
Sale Price: $32.95
Rasta Rack Rasta Rack
Take your tastebuds on a Caribbean vacation. Busha Browne's Pukka Sauce, Brutal Bajan, Jonkanoo Hot Pepper Sauce...
Price: $36.95
Savvy Salsas Savvy Salsas
A three pack of our favorite salsas. Chipotle Cha Cha Cha, Frog Ranch Salsa and Crazy Charley...
Price: $24.50
Blazin' BBQ Blazin' BBQ
A few of our award winning BBQ sauces. Billy Bones BBQ Sauce, Roadhouse Hot & Spicy and...
Price: $24.50
Sparky's Choice "Doggie-Style" Sparky's Choice "Doggie-Style"
Overall Rating: rated  of 5 stars
Cautiously conceived using plenty of aged cayenne peppers, Sparky's Choice unleashes an outrageously tasty flavor with just...
Price: $5.50
Cosmic Chile Cap Cosmic Chile Cap
Ignite your head with our incredibly good looking, super savvy Cosmic Cap. It's low profile, unstructured fit...
Price: $18.95
It's a Small World It's a Small World
A sampling of sauces from around the world. Marie Sharp's Fiery Hot (Belize), El Yucateco Green (Mexico), Iguana...
Price: $39.95
Personal Picks Personal Picks
Choose six of your favorite hot sauces and create your own Cosmic Crate. Any 5 oz. bottle will fit.
Price: $45.95

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