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Hot & Spicy Articles
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Below are topics that include several of our hottest articles, many of which have been written for our e-newsletter.

If you would like to contribute an article, please send an e-mail to We will be continually adding to this section and your input is welcome.
Hot Sauce History 101 - Things may be heating up for hot sauces, but they've been around since humans first realized they could eat peppers. When the Burn's Too Much - There are several remedies for eating a hot sauce, salsa or spicy dish that is too hot for you.
Louisiana: Home to Hot Sauce - A sauce made in the Louisiana tradition generally uses three key ingredients... The Only Jerk You'll Ever Love! - As Americans continue to enjoy the warm, tropical weather of the Caribbean and discover the exotic flavors...
Jerk Barbecue in Jamaica - Undoubtedly, the best jerk on the island is made by the man who has a pit by the side of the road there. Not the Same Old Salsa - Mango salsa arrived on the scene just a few years ago. It was a daring departure from a decade’s worth of...
Spice It Up with Salsas - In the United States, salsa, which means "sauce" in Spanish, has outsold ketchup since the 1990's. Grow Your Own - If you're an aficionado of hot sauce and salsa, chances are you've thought of growing your own chile peppers.
Chiles: Good for What Ails You - Forget apples. The old folk saying should probably read, "Eat a chile a day and keep the doctor away." Chile Pepper Facts - The burning sensation that makes chile peppers so appealing to culinary thrill-seekers comes from capsaicin or more accurately...
The Origins of Chile Peppers - Christopher Columbus didn't just sail the ocean blue and discover the New World in 1492 while trying to find a short cut to the East Indies. Take Two Anchos and Call Me in the Morning - You've always known that peppers were good for your soul, but...
The Hottest Chile of Them All - According to "The Guinness World Book of Records" the Red Savina Habanero, a strain of... How Hot is Hot? - We've put together a table containing a plethora of peppers and their Scoville Heat Unit Rating.
Pepper Mythology: Flavorsome Folklore - Peppers, hot sauces and salsa have all played a part in folklore and mythology. Hot Terms: Pepperology 101 - A glossary of terms relating to chile peppers and all things hot & spicy. Enjoy!
Dried Chiles - Ounce for ounce, a dried chile packs a more potent punch than just about anything else in the kitchen larder. Hot Stuff - Try to imagine even one of these: Hungarian food without paprika, Szechwan food without fiery red peppers, or Thai food...
Barbecue: The Great American Pastime - While its popularity is well known, its origins, its definition and even how you spell it... Grilling the Perfect Burger - A grilled burger is probably the easiest and most commonly grilled food in America. Although your choice...
BBQ Tips - Use the "poke test" to determine whether your meat is done or not. Gently push the top of the meat with... The Truth About Cooking Steak! - There are many ways to cook a great cut of steak. While none are wrong many experts agree...
Food Safety Tips for Barbecuing - Barbecuing is popular year around, but people head to their backyards to fire up the grill in record numbers... Hot Grilling Techniques - To add an intense flavor to grilled meat and seafood, add hardwood chips, oak bark, or barrel staves.
Take That Chicken Wing and Eat It - The man who put the National Buffalo Wing Festival where it belonged sat in the bleachers... Blessed Art Thou Who Eat Buffalo Wings - We can thank Mother Teressa for Buffalo chicken wings. No, no, no. Not that Mother Theresa...
Matching Up Hot Food with Cold Beer - With so many beers on the market, it's no longer just a matter of serving a cold brew when... Wine, It's What To Serve with Spicy Food - The rules around wine and spicy food have relaxed. It used to be that people would drink...
Giant Bloody Mary Saves New Years Day - The morning after the biggest party in history, New Orleans revelers woke up to an epic... About Making Cool Juice Drinks - Always use freshly squeezed juices whenever possible, rather than frozen or bottled juices.

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